Christmas Vacation 2018
Christmas Vacation 2018
Christmas Vacation In Severieville Tennessee December 22-December 27 2018

Greetings family we are all excited to announce that this year we will plan to spend Christmas vacation together in the beautiful mountains for the Hokidays!

Location :  475 Apple Valley Rd Seveirville, TN (About 2 hours above Atlanta)

The fee for the Adults are as follows which covers the rental of the cabin: $4,086
15 adults at $272/person; 8 months of $34/ month beginning April and ending November

Please submit payment frequently to avoid running behind. For those in Macon or near Macon you can submit to Salita, and for everyone else please submit to me either in person or mail to 1214 Peterson Ave North Suite A Douglas, GA 31533 Money  Order or check only please. Payable to Tracy or Leroy McClelland
Get ready for Family Fun with Games, Activities and Delicious Food Everyday!

Here are some ideas for the Vacation:
Kitchen Patrol Crew
Straighten and Tidy Up Crew
Cooking Crew
Pajama Party & Pajama Family Pics
Plans are to have a
Spaghetti & Lasagna Night
Seafood Night
Snack Party Night
Christnas Dinner Celebration & Gift Exchange (Dirty Santa)
Scavenger Hunt (With Cash Prizes)